The 2017 Royal Challenge

Following the Tube Challenge, Monopoly Challenge, A-Z Challenge and Heritage & Culture Challenge…

We had

Saturday 3rd June 2017

Teams chased around London trying to visit as many locations as they could in 4 hours much-needed funds to support an orphanage in Suryapet, India.

We started at Liverpool Street Station under the large clock, counted down to 10am and then chased off to visit as many locations as possible. There were breaks during the day for refreshments and lunch and we finished at 5pm at Covent Garden and then headed over to Pizza Hut for a well earned meal.

Thank you to everyone who took part and sponsored the teams. We’re thrilled to say we raised over £4,800 for the orphanage. Our best year yet.

2017 Royal Challenge Locations (PDF)

Yes, we are planning another London Challenge and the details will be here later in 2017.